July 29, 2023

how to comment gif on Instagram post

how to comment gif on Instagram post

how to add gif in Instagram comment

To comment with a GIF on an Instagram post, you can follow these way

1 Open the Instagram app on your mobile device.
2 Navigate to the post on which you want to note.
3 Tap on the” Comment” icon below the post.
4 Type in your comment in the textbook field.
5 Tap on the” GIF” icon located next to the textbook field.
5 Browse through the available GIFs and elect the bone you want to use.
6 Tap on the GIF to add it to your comment.
7 Once you’re satisfied with your comment, Tap on the” Post” button to publish it.

Note that the capability to note with GIFs may not be available on all countries or in all regions. However, it may not be available for you at this time, If you don’t see the GIF icon when opining.

Commenting a GIF on Instagram will have numerous benefits:

  • Grabs attention: GIFs are eye catching and attention-grabbing, making them a incredible manner to face out in the comment section.
  • Adds humor: GIFs can upload a hint of humor in your remark, which permit you to connect to different customers and create a extra fantastic atmosphere.
  • Expresses emotion: GIFs can bring a huge variety of emotions, from exhilaration to laughter to sadness, which permit you to talk your emotions extra effectively.
  • Increases engagement: Commenting a GIF can inspire different customers to interact together along with your remark, with the aid of using responding with their very own GIF or remark.
  • Personalizes your remark: By deciding on a particular GIF, you may customise your remark and make it extra memorable for the recipient.
  • Overall, commenting a GIF on Instagram may be a amusing and powerful manner to hook up with different customers and boom engagement in your content.

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