July 29, 2023

How to deactivate instagram account temporarily in mobile 2023

how to deactivate instagram account temporarily in mobile 2023 account centre

Hello friends if you want to delete your Instagram account temporarily in 2023 then you can follow this step by step tutorial . Before 2023 there was another method to deactivate Instagram . Before you can’t deactivate Instagram account from Instagram app , you need to login to Instagram pc version or web version to delete or deactivate Instagram account but now you can deactivate your Instagram profile with your Instagram app , Below is step by step tutorial to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily .

1 Open Instagram app , Come to your profile and click on three lines on top right corner 2 Click on Setting and Privacy3 Click on Accounts Centre4 Click on Personal Details5 Click on Account Ownership and control6 Click on Deactivation or deletion7 Click on Your Profile name8 Then Select Deactivate Account and Click continue

9 Select any reason for account deactivation and click continue

10 Then Enter your password and Click on Deactivate account

All your data will be saved and your account will be deactivate , you will not longer receive notifications and when you login back to your account then your account will get activated again . If you still have some questions or doubts then you can comment below .

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